Simply Classical Curriculum: Level 3

Literature, Latin, & Liberty
For approximate skill levels or chronological ages 7-9, or for older children with special needs who are building reading and writing skills

Book List
Sample Lesson Plan
Readiness Assessment
Supply List
Skills to Develop

In this level, the student grows in literary analysis, reading, grammar, and composition skills while learning about American history and embarking on the study of Latin. He receives instruction in science, art, and music. He practices memory work, penmanship, and oral reading fluency.

  • New SC More StoryTime Treasures boosted with in-depth grammar, phonics, and comprehension exercises
  • Step-by-step exercises for copying and composing sentences, paragraphs, and stories
  • Sequential mastery-based arithmetic lessons enhanced by “living books”
  • Continued lessons in oral/aural spelling

Grades K-2